Who is Viktor Lenartson?

I’m Viktor Lenartson, CXO Advisor, executive coach, and 21st century leadership evangelist. My mission is to grow your opportunity as a leader, or as a leadership team. I coach those who are ready to face the challenge, who are ready to change.

The ZEL concept

Success as a leader is never a lonely, individual path, but a journey as a community. It is the adventure we share. Instead of old-fashioned, polluting leadership, switch to more efficient, value and relationship based, 21st century leadership practices.

ZEL services

If you want to change your organization, be the change you wish to see. If you want to grow, you have to strengthen your roots. If you are ready to face these challenges, we support you with tailored, high-end leadership development programs.

Who is Viktor Lenartson?

I am following my passion to understand the most efficient leadership practices. I’ve learned about business through my work with multinational companies and from the streets. I studied and practiced economics, philosophy, theology, and arts in Austria, Hungary, UK, US and the Netherlands. I conducted high value consulting, training and therapeutic services for 27 years, and I came to my well established conclusion that as a leader, our connectedness is our most important resource.

This connection provides our values and opportunities. It is the space where we can earn credibility, credibility that inspires people to follow us. The fact, that people follow you, makes you a leader. I try to follow this path and challenge myself every day.

Follow and share Viktor’s journey
Be the change you wish to see and find your allies
October 31st, 2018

  „People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!” -Peter Senge If you want to change people, the first thing you must change is yourself Let’s make something clear: You as a leader can’t change people. People have to change themselves. If you want to change people, the first thing you must change is yourself. Only then […]

New factors of competitiveness
October 31st, 2018

  Best in class Leaders do drive change by fostering new factors of competitiveness Beside the ‘classical’ factors of competitiveness (have a good strategy, have the resources, buy some well-chosen market leading technology solutions, buy best experts, optimize the processes, build a strong know-how, etc.), new factors of competitiveness are getting more and more attention. […]

Make learning fun and effective! OK, but why would anybody use it?
October 11th, 2018

    Learning happens anytime, anywhere. We are not aware of how much information we process, analyse, and structure within a minute. Some say that our senses gather some 11 million bits per second from the environment! This is the deep rooted and ancient program; the ultimate way of recording, processing, structuring, and learning. But most […]


Zero emission refers to a system that does not pollute the environment or create waste. This is an excellent analogy for 21st century leadership. The more efficient the leader, the less waste, and the less polluting leadership practices. This relationship and value-based way of leadership is what we call Zero Emission Leadership. Many benefits come from Zero Emission Leader.

People, who invest in their relationships and live with their values in mind, will be motivated learners, will be credible, will be able to make a team move forward quickly, and will be proactive and passionate about what they do. Additionally they will be more successful, healthy, and happy at the same time. Do you want to be one of them?


The AgiLeaderXchange program shapes leadership practices and beliefs. It shares practical, useful leadership knowledge and practices with leaders from completely different industries. You can expect refreshing food for thought, organic and fresh insights and inspirations, and a toolkit for successful transitions.

Personal ZEL journey

Whether you lead a company, a division, an organization, or a family, the core question remains the same: How can you develop your credibility so that people will follow you? My leadership challenge is for you to find your personal leadership Credo.

Start-up services

For START-UPs we deliver tools and methods by which we lever organizational efficiency. Every intervention has to be measurable and strongly linked to business results. That’s why we also offer a blended learning platform through which you can measure the efficiency of any money spent on the developments offered by our team.

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Motivational speeches

If you are looking for an enthusiastic and moving motivational speaker focused on relationship and value based 21st century leadership, we would love to connect with you!

Blended learning

21st century leadership practices generate a competitive advantage in the modern day environment. Working on your real business case we help you as a team, group, or individual to build your own, new, daily practices and routines.


We do not focus on methodologies. We focus on you; on your leadership values and behaviors; on your approach, environment, relationships, and challenges, searching for the best realistic solutions for you.


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